B. 1978, Salisbury, UK


MFA / MA Fine Art / Critical Art Theory, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, 2011 / 2013
BFA, NSAD, Norwich, U.K, 1997 / 2000
Ohio State University, Ohio, U.S, Fall Semester, 1996
Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Colchester Institute, Colchester, U.K, 1996 / 1997

G R A N T S / A W A R D S

Honorary Materials Research Associate, Slade School of Fine Art, U.C.L, 2015 / 2016
Clare Winsten Memorial Award, 2013 / 2014
Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Funding, 2011 / 2013


PRAKSIS OSLO | Out Looking Inwards with Robert Bordo and Robert Holyhead, Norway (2019)
CPR Navigating the (Art)World / Trans-Atlantic Meeting on Nationalism(s) | New York (2019)
Vermont Studio Centre (2019)
Norte Maar Jay House Residency, New York State (2018)
Floating Island Residency, London, U.K (2015)
Cask / 13, Kilcash, Ireland (2013)
Slade School of Fine Art Summer School, U.C.L, London (2013)


Counterpointe, Norte Maar, 2023

The Blue Notebooks, Art Complex Museum, Boston, 2022

Fragmentary Blue, Tremaine Art Gallery, Connecticut, 2022

44 Signs of the Times (curated by Owen Duffy) Mana Contemporary, N.J, 2021
Artists exhibited: ASMA, Melissa Brown, Antoine Catala, Kanad Chakrabarti, Rafael Domenech, Nikita Gale, Alina Grasmann, Renée Green, Guo Hongwei, Nick Irzyk, Ann Veronica Janssens, Myeongsoo Kim, Mo Kong, Savannah Knoop, Jim Kuhlman, Julie Malen, Azikiwe Mohammed, Christine Egaña Navin, Trevor Paglen, Sarah Pettitt, Lee Relvas, Kristen Sanders, Mary Simpson, Cynthia Talmadge, Martha Tuttle, Robert Scott Whipkey, and Stella Zhong

Out to Sea (solo) curated by Jason Andrew, Norte Maar, New York, 2019

Six Characters in Search of a Host Bedford Square, London, 2019

Out Looking Inwards LMN, National Society of Painters, Oslo, Norway, 2019
Robert Bordo, Robert Holyhead, Patrick McElnea, Nicholas John Jones, Tina Kryhlmann, Matthew Musgrave, Sarah Pettitt, Hanneline Rogeberg, Hanna Sjöstrand, Michele Tocca, Piya Wanthiang

The Nomenclature of Colours (curated by Jo Volley)
Slade Research Centre, U.C.L, London, 2018

WE: Woman Empowering Woman
Castello di Borghese Vineyard, Cutchogue, NY, 2018
Emma Ballou, Jenn Dierdorf, Kara Hoblin,Loren Erdich, Gina Gilmour, Chamberlin Newsome, Melanie Parke, Dana James, Verona Penalba, Sarah Pettitt, Sarah Satory, Anne Sherwood Pundyk, Kelsey Shwetz, Mary Twomey

Spring / Break
Artists exhibited: Kanad Chakrabarti, Oliver Evans, Sarah Pettitt, Robert Raphael, Robert Rivers, Shaan Syed, Audra Wolowiec
Special Projects Norte Maar, New York, 2018

Painting as Object (curated by Gary Woodley)
LAWuN, Architectural Association, London, 2017

Faith (curated by Rose Davey) The Austin Forum, London, 2017

The Tyranny of Surface (curated by Gary Woodley)
Architectural Association, London, 2016

Ingredients, Method, Serving Suggestion (curated by Alaena Turner) A.P.T Gallery, London, 2015
Katrina Blannin, Jane Bustin, Kieran Drury, Dan Howard-Birt, Ben Jenner, Ann-Sophie Lehmann, Jo McGonigal, Sarah McNulty, Sarah Pettitt, Damian Taylor, Robert Rivers, Jack Vickridge, Jo Volley, Sarah Kate Wilson

Unnamed Procedure (solo) ACME studio, London, 2016

I Bought a Little City (curated by Sheenagh Geoghegan)
The Sewing Room, Tipperary, Ireland, 2015
Kanad Chakrabarti, Sheenagh Geoghegan, Nicholas John Jones, Sarah Pettitt, Robert Rivers

The Creekside Open (selected by Richard Deacon and Lisa Milroy)
A.P.T Gallery, London, 2015

COLLABORATE! (curated by Nicholas John Jones and Ivan Liotchev)
Oriel Sycharth Gallery Glyndwr University, Wales, U.K, 2015
Artists exhibited: Jeremy Bailey with Kristin Schaffer, Biters, Cornford & Cross, Judy Chicago, Phoebe Davis, Bernard Frize, Jesse Greenberg, Jeremy Hutchison, Helen Knowles, Ivan Liotchev, Lorna Mills, Dylan Miner, Sarah Pettitt & Robert Rivers, Jonathan Powell & nu-Sangha, Kezia Pritchard & Kristofer Henriksson, Nina Rodin & Rebecca Molloy, Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Nastja Säde Rönkkö & Ernest Truely, Jesse Stead & Raphael Lyon, Ryan Trecartin, Julia Vogl, Weast, Ann Liv Young

Caprice (curated by Sean Boylan with catalogue essay by Paul Haworth)
Open Space, Baltimore, U.S, 2015
Nicole Morris, Sarah Pettitt and Robert Rivers

Small birds nest with blue eggs inside MMX, London, 2015

Robert Rivers / Sarah Pettitt
Floating Island Gallery, London, 2014

Sketchy Remarks organised by Louise Ashcroft
Floating Island Gallery, London, 2014

Occupied artslav, London, 2014
Malgorzata Bany, Kanad Chakrabarti, Chloe McClellan, Patrick Furness / Sarah Pettitt, Robert Rivers, Pablo Smidt

Continuum of Ceaseless Change (curated by Laura Smith), A.T.P Gallery, London, 2015
Artists Exhibited: Liz Elton, Sheenagh B. Geoghegan, Nicholas John Jones, Mollie Anna King, Sam Mould, Sarah Pager, Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Sarah Pettitt, Niamh Riordan, Robert Rivers, Laura Smith, Poppy Whatmore

Taking Note or The Curious Eye (curated by Robin Jones) National University of Ireland Galway Gallery, Ireland, 2013

habits, cleavages and fractures
University College London Geology Collections, London

TAP, Southend, 2013
Sarah Cameron, Jennifer Campbell, Benjamin Heiken, Paul Kindesley, Sarah Pettitt, Robert Rivers

Corpus (curated by Edward Allington)
Woburn Research Centre, U.C.L, London, 2013

P R E S S | P U B L I C A T I O N S

Upcoming - Colour a Day, Slade Press, U.C.L
Hoist Contemporary Milan, Lockdown Interviews, 2020
Artist Collaborative Spirit Infuses All Female Show on the North Fork, Hampton’s Art Hub, 2018
Spring Break Is an Oasis for Art Fair Haters, Hyperallergic, 2018
Caprice / A Longing for Leisure, Séan Boylan, Paul Haworth, Colin Alexander, Open Space, 2015
Beyond, Issue 18, International Visit, 2015
London Art Gallery Round-Up, Paul Carey-Kent, 2014
Thoughts on the Studio, ART.ZIP Magazine, 2014
Six Short Stories by Alexander Barrett for PREMONITIONS, commissioned by TAP, 2013

Jerwood Drawing Prize Catalogue, 2012